Tuesday, October 2, 2007

to do

Projects currently on my shelves, cluttering up my laundry room, hidden in bags or boxes around the house, stashed away in take-along kits hiding in my baby bag, car, purse, stroller. These are projects that have been started, set aside, and are waiting to be finished.
  • leopard fabric wall hanging
  • flying pig fabric wall hanging
  • apple and worm hooked piece
  • green fingerless gloves
  • embroidered billy goats
  • caterpillar altered book
  • 2005 scrapbook
  • cat mobile
  • pumpkin boat multimedia piece
If that isn't enough here is my available supplies have been set aside, projects to be started list.
  • 5 clothing articles in my to sew basket
  • new colourful curtain for my camper
  • prayers and devotions altered book
  • self-portrait altered book
  • tin-foil and plaster sculptures
Ok, I need to stop now. I really should sit down and, oh I don't know, WORK on some of these projects!

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fluffywelshsheep said...

I think all crafter have this. I think there must be a law that you can't start something untill the 1st thing is finished but then again i don't think that would stop me.