Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This weeks Trans-Canada Carnival theme is How do the holidays affect your work? and after some though here is my reaction.
  1. They offer inspiration.
  2. They offer distraction.
  3. They promote production...
  4. and procrastination.
1. They offer inspiration. All holidays have a reason, and the story surrounding them (no matter what your interpretation) can cause the mind to wander and the hands to create.

2. They offer distraction. Holidays are generally very busy times of year their are decorations to hang, stories to tell, meals to prepare. All of this may make finding time for creative endeavours more difficult.

3. They promote production. How many of you are making (even a few) gifts this year? How many of you plan on visiting your local Christmas bizarre and buying something sweet and special that says something to you about the season.

4. They promote procrastination. With all the upcoming holiday events (Halloween, Christmas, new years) who has time to *waste* on art.

puppy dog purse 15_rag doll crafty goodness

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Simply Wired said...

I like how you summed this up...and you're right about all of these! It's like there's a push-pull metaphor going on around the holidays, especially for me. However, if it weren't for them, I think there are a lot of my projects that I started that wouldn't get finished. Ha.

I also like your photos on your blog, you have a nice variety here.