Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why Buy Handmade?

This weeks Etsy Blogger Carnival (hosted by Mrs. Dragon) theme is why buy handmade. I've been mulling this over for a week now and my answer has remained pretty constant, and, well, short.

The reasons you should buy handmade are:
a) You get a unique something
b) that has not been made by child labourers
c) or exploited adults.
d) Many items are made from recycled material.

On a more selfish note:
e) You support the little guy (or somebodies small business).
f) You're allowing for the creative growth of the human race. Sometime the dollars paid for handmade pieces are the only thing allowing an artist or craft-person to continue working.

O, and lets not forget that many handmade piece are practical, useful, beautiful pieces of art you can wear, carry, use and enjoy everyday.

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Simply Wired said...

Great way to sum this up; you've said it all! Nicely done.