Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Sooke Fall Fair

The fair was this weekend and every one over two entered something. O- and Iz both got an entered ribbon. J- won first and second place for ale and first for lager, and brough HIS cup back home.
Blue Ribbon Kale -- whoo hoo! 3rd place tomatoes 3rd place green tomatoes I WON (2nd)
made from recycled fabric Handmade card embroidery mixed media
I filled every line on the form and won first place for kale, third for red and green tomatoes, first for item made from recycled material, second for handmade card, second for embroidery:all other, second for mixed media, second for liquid media, and third for photography:texture. A lot of tacky ribbons, but I'm still disappointed my tomatoes didn't get first place. At least I can say I had the most interesting variety on display.

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