Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Natural Inspirations

What about your part of Canada inspires you?

French Beach, British Columbia

In the last decade I've lived all over this o-so-very-large country of ours. I started off in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Left for school in London, Ontario, then to Borden, and St. Thomas before getting married, packing up and moving to Halifax, Nova Scotia followed by Sooke, British Columbia the next year when my J- finished his courses and was posted to the HMCS Calgary in Esquimalt. I've been in BC for almost 5 years now.

Shedden, Ontario

All this moving about has given me a somewhat unique perspective. I KNOW that Canada isn't just large in a geographic sense. The environment changes dramatically from coast to coast, the peoples history differs, and the attitude and mannerism of the locals differ. This difference, and the way we have managed to tie ourselves together, despite some sibling rivalry amazes and inspires me.

Pass Lake, Ontario

So what inspires me about Sooke and Vancouver Island?

The massive size of everything. The age of the trees, the *youth* of the Rockies. The daily changes that take place along the ocean shoreline near my home as the tide ebbs and flows. Finally, although I find the mild weather and near lack of seasons infuriating, the early winter storms can be amazing and energizing. A walk along a storm blown beach, nearly washed away by the waves the night before, can be enough to excite and inspire the artist within to PAY ATTENTION and work for months to come.


Nancy Hale said...

Wonderful pictures! I looked at your other blogs entried and your artword amazes me. Incredible!
Nancy aka halfwaythere@swap-bot

I hope i get you as a partner in a ATC or other swap soon ;)

Nancy Hale said...

umm.. hehe guess I should have previewed .... *blog entries* lol